Company Introduction

Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd., formerly known as Liaoning Province Needle Cotton Wool Fabric Import and Export Company, was established on March 18, 1991. After the restructuring in August 1993, it was renamed as Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd. in October 1995. In August 1996, the Company issued new shares and was listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The stock abbreviation is Liaoning Chengda, and the stock code is 600739. The Company's headquarters is located at Chengda Building, No. 71 Renmin Road, Dalian, Liaoning Province.

The Company has 8 wholly-owned or controlled subsidiaries and 5 equity participation companies, which are mainly engaged in biopharmaceutical, financial investment, supply chain (trade), energy development and other businesses.

For more than 30 years, Liaoning Chengda has been determined to forge ahead, reform and innovate, achieved historical breakthroughs time and time again, and successfully embarked on a development path of market-oriented enterprises with its own characteristics. In operation and management, the Company always adheres to the corporate spirit of "aspiration, diligence, persistence and standardization" and the core values of "honesty, integrity, benevolence and harmony". The mission and vision of the Company is to "create a harmonious century-old Chengda, make employees more prosperous, create more wealth for shareholders, contribute gratitude to society, and contribute our modest efforts to the country".

Resolutely implementing the Company's new development concept, focusing on its main business and highlighting industries, in order to promote high-quality development of the Company, and accelerating the building of a new development pattern driven by "outstanding core strength of life and health industries, and joint support of industry and finance".

Adhering to the development direction of specialization in various business fields, vigorously promoting innovation in management, technology, products, and services, continuously improving core competitiveness and industry influence, and promoting sustainable development of enterprises.




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