Cultural System

"Strong Culture, Strong Enterprise". Over the years, Liaoning Chengda has not only achieved significant development and impressive performance, but also cultivated a rich and unique Chengda culture. The spirit of Chengda has become the core of Chengda culture, providing strong motivation and guarantee for the achievement of the Company's various strategic goals. The never-ending culture of Chengda is and has always been inspiring and leading the Company to stride forward bravely.

The Chengda culture, rooted in the fertile soil of traditional Chinese culture, has integrated into the blood of Chengda people and become an inexhaustible source of power. "Honesty, integrity, benevolence, and harmony" have become the core values unanimously recognized by Chengda people."Aspiration, diligence, persistence and standardization" has become the unwavering spiritual pursuit of Chengda people.

Chengda Culture has forged Liaoning Chengda's prominent corporate soft power.

Mission & Vision
Makingemployees richer, creating more wealth for shareholders, offering more gratitude to society and country
Success is only from the ambition and diligence and the company requires scientific management
Core Value
Integrity, Good faith, Kindness and Harmony
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