Talent Development
  • Talent Concept

    We adhere to the central idea of "people-oriented" as well as the talent concept of "precise selection, talent maximization and common development".

    Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and competition. In order to achieve the vision and mission of "creating a harmonious century-old Chengda", the Company adheres to the central idea of "people-oriented", upholds the core values of honesty, integrity, benevolence and harmony, and advocates the talent concept of building mechanisms, selecting good people, building platforms, doing their best, emphasizing training, and developing together. By establishing a fair competition mechanism and a good cultural environment, we can fully mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of every employee, achieving the best use of their talents. We provide a stage for every employee to fully showcase their talents and achieve common development between employees and the Company.

  • Talent Cultivation

    Talent is the new force for the future development of the enterprise, and the escort of the organization's everlasting success!

    Attracting, retaining, and developing talents have always been one of the development strategies of Liaoning Chengda. Under the advocacy and guidance of Chairman Shang Shuzhi, Chengda University was officially established in 2014. Adhering to the concept of professional, pragmatic, innovative, and sustainable talent development, it continuously optimized the talent development system, took business as the center and effectively undertook strategies, helping to achieve organization's development goals.

    The talent development system of Liaoning Chengda has shifted from simple knowledge transfer to focusing on the cultivation of employee abilities, and through continuous building of a learning organization, the ultimate goal is to enhance organizational capabilities.

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