Chengda Biotech is committed to becoming an internationally renowned and domestically leading biopharmaceutical enterprise.

Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a controlled subsidiary of Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd. It is a leading domestic technology innovation vaccine enterprise. It was listed on the SSE Star Market of the Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 28, 2021.

Its main products are rabies vaccines for human use and inactivated Japanese encephalitis vaccines for human use. The human rabies vaccine is the earliest rabies vaccine in China to use the Zagreb 2-1-1 injection method, and the Japanese encephalitis inactivated vaccine is currently the only domestically produced Japanese encephalitis inactivated vaccine product on sale in China.

In 2002, on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, Chengda Biotech formed a core technology with independent intellectual property rights through independent innovation - the "technology platform for large-scale of preparation of vaccine in bioreactor". It overcame the technical difficulties of large-scale cell culture and preparation of high-quality vaccines in China for more than a decade, filling the domestic gap in vaccine production process, reaching international advanced level, breaking the long-term monopoly of multinational corporations in the field of high-end human rabies vaccines in China and promoting the progress of vaccine production technology in China.

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