Medical services

It is committed to building a first-class comprehensive medical service platform and large tertiary hospital in Northeast China.

Liaoning Chengda Medical Service Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Chengda Medical") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd., established on September 6, 2017, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. It is mainly engaged in medical industry investment, medical enterprise management consulting; medical, computer software and hardware technology development, technology consulting, technology transfer, technical services and selling of medical equipment and other businesses.

As the investment and management platform of Liaoning Chengda in the medical service sector, Chengda Medical focuses on building core medical industries, expanding the scale of the health field, creating a complete ecosystem of Liaoning Chengda's medical and health industry, and maintaining a leading position in the market.

Chengda Hospital

Chengda Hospital (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a large tertiary hospital jointly established by Liaoning Chengda Medical Service Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Liaoning Chengda Co., Ltd., and other shareholders. It plans to build into a large tertiary hospital with technology as the guide and experts as the core, starting from specialized areas such as tumors, cardiovascular diseases, women and children, and health examinations. In the future, it will attract high-end medical resources in China through this platform, to better meet the diverse health needs of residents in the southern Liaoning region.

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