Financial Investment

Financial investment mainly includes investing in financial service enterprises such as securities, insurance and funds.
The expansion and improvement of Liaoning Chengda's layout in securities, insurance, funds and other fields has significant strategic significance for enhancing the Company's value and promoting the synergy of industry and finance.

Huagai Capital

It focuses on private equity investment in the fields of healthcare and technology and is committed to promoting the growth of SMEs as industry leaders.

Huagai Capital Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Huagai Capital”) was established on September 13, 2012, with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. Liaoning Chengda invested in Huagai Capital in August 2013 and held 30% of its equity. As a cutting-edge investment institution, Huagai Capital has won multiple awards and honors in the industry since its establishment.      
As of now, the scale of funds managed by Huagai Capital has exceeded RMB 20 billion, among which the medical industry fund ranks in the top ten nationwide, the cultural industry fund ranks in the top ten nationwide, and the internet industry fund ranks in the top twenty nationwide. Huagai Capital and its management companies have obtained the qualification of private equity investment manager from the Asset Management Association of China, and all managed funds have been registered.

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